Daring Teens™ (and Tweens)

A critical part of life (from 8 – 18 years old), the Daring Teens™ and Tweens program is tailored to the subtle developmental requirements of this dynamic age group.

With a focus on the self, Daring Teens™ and Tweens provides alternatives to comparison as an effective way of overcoming shame. The program encourages and guides young individuals to become shame resilient.

Through a broad range of ‘self’ themes – such as self-respect, self-image, self-compassion – Judith’s application of this program empowers young individuals to appropriately challenge boundaries and limitations in order to develop their character in a safe and supportive environment.

In addition, these concepts feature in Judith’s regular facilitation of school and community-based comprehensive sexuality and relationship education programs.

Discover Daring Teens™ and Tweens in the following ways:

  • Daring Intensives (2 full day workshops);
  • Daring 8-week groups;
  • Daring 4-week groups;
  • individual sessions.

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